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How Does Pest Control Get Rid of Termites?

termites can become a big problem around Greenville SC

Termites are notoriously hard to get rid of on your own. After all, they can hide deep inside wood and other materials, making them difficult to get to.

Termite control experts in Greenville have a few different methods of removing termites and ensuring that they do not come back.

Bait Defense

With this method, the technician sets of traps around the building to attract termites. The termites are drawn into the bait stations, and they carry the bait back into their nest where it kills off large quantities of their population. The bait stations are set up near termite foraging locations to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Liquid Defense

The pest control technician will find termites' hiding places and spray them with a pesticide specifically designed to kill termites. This pesticide is released through a truck-mounted hose system which allows for a lot of maneuverability. The pesticide is able to be spray deep into burrowing locations in wood and other materials that termites hide in, effectively eliminating them and their eggs and ensuring they give the homeowner no further problems.

Tent Defense

This is a fumigation method that involves covering the germ-infested area with a fumigation tent. The technician then releases a pesticide gas into the enclosed area, which kills termites quickly and effectively. The gas is trapped inside the tent until the technician is sure that all the termites are killed, at which point the tent is opened up and the area is allowed to ventilate. This takes 2-3 days to complete, so the customer’s home will not be usable during that time.

At our company, we will determine which method is the best one to use based on their assessment of the building and the customer’s preference. Sometimes, there are a few options, and the customer is given a choice of their preferred method. When performed properly, each of these methods is incredibly effective and should completely eliminate all termites. None of these methods should leave behind any toxic residue that will harm people or pets.

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