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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs! Really? Bed bugs? We get it. Bed bugs are, unfortunately, a reality that we have to live with in today’s global economy. The fact is that the bed bug population is increasing and spreading throughout the United States and throughout Greenville, South Carolina faster than ever before. Bedbugs are what scientists call “good hitchhikers.” They can get into your luggage while you are on vacation or on a business trip. If you don’t find them before you unpack they can make themselves right at home, in your bed, in no time.

Bed Bug Removal in Greenville, SC

As Greenville’s economy increases so does it’s bed bug population. A 2016 study ranked Greenville, Spartanburg, and Asheville 21st in the entire nation as most bed bug treated cities. (Chicago ranked #1, Los Angeles #2, Charlotte #16, and Atlanta #19.) That is a staggering rank considering other high ranking cities are much more densely populated. Greenville and the Upstate continue to rank as a sought after area for national and international business as well as a destination spot for travelers and tourism. These economic changes are exciting for Greenville, South Carolina but call for us to remain vigilant against this serious pest issue. Commander Pest Solutions is committed to keeping Greenville Bed Bug Free.

The Commander’s Bed Bug Services include programs that control and eliminate your current bedbug issue. Whether you have a few bed bugs, a hundred bud bugs, or thousands of bed bugs we have the solutions for you.

Uncertain if you have bed bugs? Nervous about a potential bed bug outbreak in you business or home?

You can team up the the Commander and stay ahead of these serious and troubling pests. Together we can implement and execute a safe, effective, and sound bed bug prevention program that works for you.

Call today to discuss your bed bug treatment options.

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