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Ways to Eliminate Mosquito Breeding Sites:

  1. Make sure your gutters are not clogged and holding water.
  2. Make sure your tarps are taut and not holding water.
  3. Keep fresh water in birdbaths. Do not let the water sit in the birdbath for over one week.
  4. Dispose of old tires, which are perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  5. Even children's toys can hold water and breed mosquitoes, so be sure to empty those out too.
  6. Dispose of old brush and yard trimmings.
  7. Contact a professional to have your property assessed.

Special Events

Commander Pest Solutions is happy to treat your property before the date of your special event to ensure that you and your guests have the most enjoyable experience possible. Weddings, pool parties, graduations, birthdays, and many other special events, are ideal for a one time mosquito barrier treatment.

We also recommend treating 24-48 hours before your special event. Please CONTACT US at (864) 675-6226 and we will be happy to help you on your special day.

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Mosquito Barrier Spray

Mosquitoes are not only troublesome pests, but they can also transmit harmful diseases such as the West Nile virus, Malaria, and the Zika virus, just to name a few. Commander Pest Solutions has developed 3 highly effective Mosquito Control Plans designed with you in mind. We want you to make Mosquito Free memories with the ones you love. Choose one of our Mosquito Prevention Plans that best suits your lifestyle.

For the best coverage throughout the entire mosquito season in Greenville we recommend the Mosquito Pro Plan, which includes 9 sprays every 21 days. The Mosquito Pro Plan guarantees no lapse in mosquito coverage from April-October.

Commander Pest Solutions also offers the Mosquito Advanced Plan, which is a monthly plan. We will treat your property 7 times during the mosquito season from April- October.

Commander Pest Solutions also offers the Mosquito Complete Plan, which includes 3 mosquito treatments performed every 21 days.

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Commercial and Large Property Mosquito Control

When it comes to commercial and large properties, Commander Pest Solutions has you covered. We are equipped to handle your specific needs no matter how many acres your property has. We have the proper training and the proper equipment capable of controlling the most challenging mosquito problems. We can design an effective mosquito program for neighborhoods, business complexes, golf courses, and any other large property.

Please CONTACT US at (864) 675-6226 to schedule an appointment and estimate for your Commercial and Large Property needs.

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