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How to Prepare for Pest Control Service

how to prepare for pest control services with Commander Pest Soltuions

When you call for pest control service around Greenville, you can’t just do nothing and wait for them to come by and do their job. There are steps you need to take to prepare your home for pest control services so that you can get the best results and make sure that nothing is hindering the experts from doing their job,

Now, there will be different steps depending on what kind of service is being provided. For instance, you may have to do different prep work for cockroaches than you would for rats or even mosquitos. The kind of pest you have determines what you need to do to get things ready for the pest treatment, but there are some general steps that every pest control prep will include.

One of these is to make sure that the house is vacated. You don’t want any people or pets in the house or the area where the pest control expert will be working. If they are just spraying in a basement or attic, then it may be okay to use the rest of the house, but generally, it’s common for the pest expert to recommend that you stay out of the house for at least a few hours. This gives them time to work and time for the pesticide to dissipate. Now, you will need to be there to let the technician in, but afterwards you’ll probably need to make yourself scarce.

Your technician may also request that you put away anything you plan to eat or anything that will be worn or used by small children. This means that all clothes, pacifiers, food (even fruits) and other items that will be put in your body or on your skin should be packed away where pesticides are less likely to reach them.

It’s also a good idea to have your house immaculately clean. The cleaner your home is the easier it will be for pest control to identify and find pests and their homes. They will have easier access to the pets and not have so many distractions or hindrances that slow their work down.

Be sure to talk to your technician and ask specifically what you need to do to prepare your home for treatment. There may be specific things that will make the job easier for the pest control technician and ensure that you get the best results possible.

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