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How Safe is Pest Control Spray?

is pest control spray safe

One of the more common questions posed by customers of pest control companies in the Greenville area is how safe the spray they use really is. While there are many different sprays that may be used, depending on what type of pest is being dealt with, there are certain standards that a reputable pest control company will try to adhere to and keep up to protect their customers and their reputation.

For instance, modern pest control technicians will ensure that the pesticides they use are environmentally friendly. They usually make an effort to minimize toxins that can harm the ozone and leave behind lasting traces of potentially harmful chemicals. They also use biodegradable pesticides that won’t linger and cause ongoing damage to the environment.

There is also the question of how dangerous pesticides are to the people who occupy the places that pest control experts spray. You should know that there are different levels of pesticide toxicity. Not all of them are equally dangerous, and technicians will use the least dangerous one possible for each job. Most pesticides can be split into four groups- unscheduled (completely safe), schedule 5 (slightly dangerous), schedule 6 (moderately dangerous) and schedule 7 (highly dangerous).

So, if there is a schedule 5 pesticide that they can use to get rid of the pest, then the technician will opt for that instead of a schedule 6 or 7 pesticide. They will also be careful about spraying any places where children may be able to touch.

In most cases, the pesticides will decay and dissipate after a matter of hours or days. The technician may ventilate the house after spraying inside to allow the fumes to dissipate faster. They may also recommend that the owners not use the building until the pesticide has disappeared.

There are times when pesticides are the only effective method for getting rid of certain pests, but when there are alternatives that are less harmful to the environment and to those who occupy the building, then technicians may use those instead. Customers can often request that technicians use alternative means when possible, but they should be prepared to pay more for these often-labor intensive methods.

Pesticides are generally not harmful to humans when used correctly. If the technician ventilates the area properly and cleans up after himself, then there should be no reason for the customer to fear for their safety or the safety of anyone else who lives there. Pesticides are becoming more effective and safer all the time, and consumers can take comfort in that fact when they hire the right pest control services.

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