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Pest Control in Greenville, South Carolina causes residents problems for people both indoors and outdoors. Luckily, you have a hero in town to help!

Commander Pest Solutions' treatments are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly.

Commander Pest Solutions will design a program that is guaranteed to keep you protected from South Carolina pests all year long. We are committed to providing quality pest control techniques for your home and business. YOU choose what is right for you. Commander Pest Solutions is pest control designed with YOU in mind.

Commander Pest Solutions is Pest Control Done Well.

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Solutions

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Any animal that destroys your property, bites, causes health problems or is generally unwanted is considered a pest, and most houses have at least a few of them to deal with from time to time. Pests could be anything from mosquitos to rats to racoons to birds. There is no animal too big or too small to be exempt from pest status, and Commander Pest Solutions is there to take care of these problems for you.

Large pests get into your home through holes in the walls, open windows and other points of access that you might not even realize are there. Some of them can even climb down your chimney or come through the doggy door. Smaller pests can get into your home much easier, and the reason any pest is there is primarily because it has found shelter and food.

If your home seems habitable to a pest, then it may create a nest there, bring in the rest of its family or burrow someplace safe inside and set up a home. If you have left food out, left a door or window open or left standing water in your home, you may have attracted a pest and not even realized it.

Allowing even a small number of pests like these to continue to live in your home can open up your home to an invasion. They may lay eggs or produce offspring at an alarming rate, and while you may only see a few of them crawling around your property, there could be many more hiding in out of the way places in your home. This is why you want to deal with the problem quickly and effectively rather than letting it continue. Never just assume the pests will go away on their own.

Full Spectrum of Pest Control Strategies

Many pests will carry diseases or leave behind droppings that can make you ill. Others will bite you and cause health problems and make you uncomfortable. They may even attack your pets and cause health problems for them.

Many pests damage your home by making holes in the wall, leaving acidic droppings behind or building nests that damage materials over time. They can also lay eggs and expand their reach into your home over time. The longer they are allowed to stay there, the more damage they are going to cause. Some homeowners just ignore the pest problem and try to cover it up, but that is not an effective way to deal with this issue which is why a pest control company should be your first call.

Even dead animals can cause problems for you when looking for pest control in Greenville SC. They may die in place that makes them difficult to move, and their rotting body can create an awful smell and attract other pests. You want to get the dead animals taken care of as quickly as possible. Any pest control issue needs to be handled quickly, because it can be hard to tell how much damage is being done until a professional comes in and looks at it. As a customer, your needs come first.

Pest Control Experts Serving the Greenville SC Area


The best way to deal with pests is to call in the professionals. The pest control experts at Commander Pest Solutions can handle any pest you may have. We use humane biological pest control methods to get rid of all kinds of pests.

Our team can set traps for rodents and other crawling animals. Our insect control solutions include fumigating (pest control chemical) for insects or set bait traps that they take back to their nets to kill off their populations. For birds and bats, we can find areas of access in your home and close them off and then make your home unsuitable for them to build a nest there or hang out in.

We can even get those animals that are hidden away in your walls, removing them with minimally invasive efforts and repairing any damage that we cause. We ensure that the pests are thoroughly removed, and our methods tend to be more effective than what you may be able to accomplish on your own. Instead of trying to deal with these pests yourself and hoping you get rid of them all after you are done, you can just call us to take care of them for you.

As a professional integrated pest management company that services homes (residential) and commercial spaces near Greenville SC, we get results every time, and we know you will be happy with the work we do. No pest is too small, too big or too mean for us to get rid of for you.

Greenville's Pest Management Specialist

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Residential Pest Control Packages


Your household will be treated for:
  • spiders
  • cockroaches
  • ants
  • silverfish
  • earwigs

Starting at $30/month
*Initial $149

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Your household will be treated for:
  • spiders
  • cockroaches
  • ants
  • silverfish
  • earwigs
  • fully-baited termite control
    up to 200 linear feet
  • mosquitoes (seasonal)
    up to 1/2 acre

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  • Mosquito Complete
    (3 treatments):
    $80 per spray
    up to 1/2 acre
  • Mosquito Advanced
    (7 treatments):
    $70 per spray
    up to 1/2 acre
  • Mosquito Pro
    (9 treatments):
    $65 per spray
    up to 1/2 acre
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