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Control Swallows on Your Property


Swallows are sleek and slim and are known to migrate for long periods of time. They migrate to South America in the winter and North America in the summer. They usually use the same nesting sites each year. You can find their mud nests on many man-made structures, including hoses, barns and small buildings as well. Swallows can become pests for many homeowners (which is why hiring a bird control company that services the Greenville SC area is crucial), hanging out in their rafters and coming inside open windows.

Swallows cause damage by the way they nest. Their mud nests can make walls and eaves look less than appealing, and they often leave feces all over the ground in their nesting areas. Their mud nests create holes in the walls that pests can use to get inside, which cause all sort of health and safety problems for both people and animals.

In order to keep swallows away, you have to use methods that are allowed by law. That means you can’t remove their nests when they are in them. You can only take down the nests when the birds have migrated for the winter. These are protected birds, but if you want to keep them from coming back, you can simply put up some netting around the areas in which they like to nest. You will need to angle the netting to keep birds away from roosting on the roof.

Swallows build their mud nests close to rivers and other sources of water. That’s because they need to gather mud from nearby water sources. The nests look like wine carafes with a small opening, and the swallows fill the inside with feathers and grass to create a soft bed. The swallows can populate areas in the thousands, building a colony wherever they find food and water sources.

Most swallows will have about two broods every year, and each brood can have up to five eggs. The eggs will hatch in about two weeks, and three or four weeks after that, the new birds will leave the nest.

If you are not sure how to deal with swallows on your property, you can always call for animal control to handle them. Just be sure to find out over the phone if the company is able to do anything about the swallows at the time or if the visit will simply be an assessment to prepare for when the swallows leave.

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