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Bird control in Greenville South Carolina is a problem. Birds are some of the most common household pests and also some of the most difficult animals to get rid of. Many species are even protected under law, so your hands may be tied in regards to what you can do with them. Even when you are dealing with protected bird species, however, there are some ways you can protect your home from them and make them less of a nuisance to you and your family. We are going to show you what kind of damage birds can cause and what you can do about the problem.

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If you leave any windows open through the day or allow your door to stay open during the summertime, you are providing an open invitation for birds to come in. If your attic or upper floors are open, then birds can get in there as well and make a nest wherever they please. Many times, attics will be open at the very top to allow in some fresh air and reduce heating and cooling costs, but birds find that to be easy access into your home. From the attic, they can get down into the other rooms and cause all manner of disturbances. You'll want to handle the bird problem as quickly as you can to prevent more severe and widespread damage.


Roosting birds can leave behind droppings that are unpleasant to be around. These can land on your car, roof or other property you own and cause damage over time. The acidic nature of bird droppings means that they will eventually eat through anything they are left on.

Bird nests can be almost as destructive, corroding anything they are placed on and making holes and cracks in your walls. Mud nests made by certain bird species are especially damaging to your property, as they stick directly onto the building materials.

Birds can be a nuisance all on their own, though, looking unsightly around your property, knocking things over and making noise at all hours of the day. If they lay any eggs near your home, the sound of baby birds chirping can keep you from sleeping in during the morning.

Many birds carry disease, and getting into contact with the birds, their feathers or their feces can cause you to contract those diseases. Birds can also terrorize your pets, knock over trashcans and generally make your life a lot more work. These pests are the definition of a nuisance!

Bird Control Services for Greenville Homes & Businesses

The easy solution may seem to be chasing the birds away as you see them and removing their nests, but it is not always that simple. Many birds will imprint with buildings where they have found food and shelter. If they think that your home is safe for them, then they will continue to come back, even if you trap them and let them go miles from your home.

You have to use a more permanent solution, then, and that often means calling in the professionals to get rid of the birds for you. Our team at Commander Pest Solutions will be able to assess your bird problem, advise you on how to handle it and then execute a plan of attack that completely removes the bird infection. No matter how few or how many birds you have on your property, our experts can take care of them for you, either removing them to a new location or humanely exterminating the birds.

We follow all regulations and government guidelines in removing birds and dealing with animal control situations. So, you never have to worry about our professional team jeopardizing a protected species or unnecessarily harming any birds on your property.

We will be glad to walk you through our methods of bird removal and deterrence. In some cases, we may need to install roof spikes or other fixtures that make your home unappealing for birds. We not only get rid of the birds in your home, but we can also keep them from coming back and roosting on your roof.

Having the bird problem taken care of can provide you with peace of mind and comfort in your own home, and we know you will be glad you called us to handle the situation. We have reputation for getting our customers the kinds of results they love, and we can help make your home bird free. We even clean up after ourselves and repair any damage done as we remove the birds. That's far more than many animal control services will do for you, so give us a call today to receive the best bird control services available.

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Your household will be treated for:
  • spiders
  • cockroaches
  • ants
  • silverfish
  • earwigs
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