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How do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are known to be very hardy, and most conventional pest removal methods simply doesn’t work on them. Not only are they hard to find, but they are also hard to kill, making them a pest with an awful reputation. As bed bug removal experts in Greenville, South Carolina, we have put together a list of things you can do to fight back against these pests and hopefully eliminate them entirely. It’s possible that they will still stick around after you try a few of these, but these are the most well-known ways to kill bed bugs.

Clean Everywhere

Bed bugs hide in dark, warm places, and they usually hang out where you like to sit and lie down. So, you’ll find them most often stuck under the edge of your mattress and deep inside your couch and chairs. If you clean these areas regularly, changing out covers and sheets on a frequent basis, it will be hard for bed bags to make their home there.

getting rid of bed bugs

Wash Items in Hot Water

Bed bugs cannot stand hot water, so anytime you are washing, sheets, pillowcases, slipcovers and other bedding and linen, you should be using hot water. This will kill even the bed bugs and their eggs that you cannot see, and this should be one of the first things you do when you spot bed bugs.

Have Pets Treated

If you know you have bed bugs, you should take your pets to the vet or at least purchase medication you can use to keep bed bugs off of them. Bed bugs will likely make you miserable, leaving bite marks all over your body, and your pets are likely to be just as miserable, so have them treated as soon as you realize you have a problem.

Hire a Professional

The pest control methods you use may not be enough to kill the bed bugs completely. Even killing the ones you see may still leave some hidden ones and their eggs for you to contend with later. Your best bet is to hire a pest control expert to deal with the issue. It may take a few visits to eradicate the bed bugs, and you’ll have to talk to the specialist to see what you need to do to repair your home for their visit.

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