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Bed bugs! Really? We get it. Bed bugs are, unfortunately, a reality that we have to live with in today's global economy. The fact is that their population is increasing and spreading throughout the United States and throughout Greenville, South Carolina faster than ever before. Bedbugs are what scientists call "good hitchhikers." They can get into your luggage while you are on vacation or on a business trip. If you don't find them before you unpack they can make themselves right at home, in your bed, in no time.

The True "Cost" of Bed Bugs

As Greenville's economy increases so does it's population. A 2016 study ranked Greenville, Spartanburg, and Asheville 21st in the entire nation as most treated cities. (Chicago ranked #1, Los Angeles #2, Charlotte #16, and Atlanta #19.) That is a staggering rank considering other high ranking cities are much more densely populated. Greenville and the Upstate continue to rank as a sought after area for national and international business as well as a destination spot for travelers and tourism. These economic changes are exciting for Greenville, South Carolina but call for us to remain vigilant against this serious pest issue. Commander Pest Solutions is committed to keeping Greenville Bed Bug Free.

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The Bed Bug Problem

These pests are incredibly hard to exterminate. That's because they can hide practically anywhere, and they are very small. You may not even be able to see their eggs very well with your own eyes, and they can leave eggs hidden in places where pesticide may not be able to reach properly. Because they hide under and inside things, you might not notice them during the daytime. You also can't really starve them out, since they don't need to eat for up to a year. Still, they are voracious, feeding just about every night if there is a food source available.


They are among the hardiest home pests, as they are very hard to get rid of. You have probably heard stories of people who tried and tried to get rid of them to no avail. They may have burned or tossed out some furniture, washed their clothes and other fabrics in hot water and still saw bed bugs come back afterwards. Most people will not be able to eliminate this problem on their own, and we are going to show you just how dangerous these creatures are and how you can be rid of them for good.

They have been the cause of many commercial problems, as hotels and other travel industries have suffered from reports of these pests in their places of business. These suckers can hide in suitcases and clothing, so they often travel around the county looking for a new place to stay and lay some eggs. Even after completely getting rid of them in your own house, visitors can bring new ones in to start the pest problem all over again.

You may never even see these pests, but you can definitely see and feel their impact. If you wake up with bites or red spots on your body each morning, then you should at least suspect that there may be a bed bug infestation. You can always look for them to confirm the problem for yourself. Look under the lip of your mattress and underneath the mattress itself. You can also look inside your couch or any fabric-covered chairs you may have. Also check your luggage, car seats and baby carriers after you travel to see if any have attached onto your belongings. You can never be too safe when it comes to these pests, because if you give them a chance to get a foothold in your house, it can take weeks and even months of work to be rid of therm.


These bugs are not considered to be a health hazard. While they do carry diseases sometimes, they don't typically pass those on when they bite. Their bites, though, are incredibly uncomfortable, creating raised, red spots that are very itchy. When people rub or scratch at them, the skin can break open and become susceptible to infection. This makes bed bugs an indirect health risk.

They can leave bite marks all over the body, and their bites tend to be grouped in the same area. They feed off living tissue, so they can be found anywhere there are humans or animals. Beyond mere physical problems, they can also cause psychological damage, giving people nightmares by how irritating they are or making people feel unsafe in their own homes.

Bed Bug Solutions for Greenville SC Residents

Commander Pest Solutions to the Rescue!

It isn't recommended that homeowners or business owners try to get rid of bed bugs on their own. It may seem like you have rid yourself of them, but after a while they can pop back up. That's because there is a good chance that if you do the extermination yourself, you will miss some eggs or some of them, because of how good they are at hiding. It's much better to call for pest control from professionals like Commander Pest Solutions. You want someone with a proven track record of handling these cases, since they are some of the most difficult pests to be rid of.

You should know that it will probably take a few visits in order to fully remove the infestation. The longer they have been there, the harder they will be to uproot, since they may have a huge number of eggs hidden in beds, couches, chairs and dressers.

Your problem does not have to continue. Leave it to the professionals to get rid of these pests once and for all.

The Commander's Bed Bug Services include programs that control and eliminate your current issues. Whether you have a few, a hundred, or thousands, we have the solutions for you.

Uncertain if your infested with them? Nervous about a potential outbreak in you business or home?

You can team up the the Commander and stay ahead of these serious and troubling pests. Together we can implement and execute a safe, effective, and sound prevention program that works for you.

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